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Personal Training

Genevieve, CA

"Vanessa created a workout regimen for me that I could do throughout my pregnancy. She has motivated & inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle!"

Our Method

At Fitnessa we promote a strong and rewarding relationship to nutrition and training. We give you our best tools and tips to succeed in your fitness journey.

We focus on strength training in almost all our programs as it's the most proven way to build muscle, tone and get into your best shape.



1:1 online training is our most streamlined and result-driven approach to fitness.

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App Access

We use one of the market's most elaborate fitness platforms to give you the best support, experience, and results possible. Access workouts, workout calendar, and live chats with us.


Dietitian & Trainer

Every month we (dietitian & trainer) will check in with you over a zoom call to make sure you're on track and go through the coming weeks to make sure you're always progressing. Chat with us any day of the week.

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Progress updates

Get reminders for progress updates (such as weighing yourself, taking measurements, and uploading progress photos) or simply get an overview of your strength and consistency improvements. 



We offer two weeks of free online training, so you can feel it out and fall in love with the layout before you make a commitment.

Personal Training

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