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The Value of Investing in Corporate Fitness For Your Company

Put your company at a competitive advantage

While obesity is still on the rise across the nation, organizations such as WHO are working hard to increase physical activity, and more and more companies are seeing the benefits of adopting a corporate fitness plan.

Having a corporate fitness plan in place means that you are taking action to create a happier, healthier, and more productive environment for your employees. And while there are many corporate fitness solutions to choose from -ranging from more passive ones to intense 1:1 coaching- the end goal is to enhance the workplace and put your business at a competitive advantage.

Health starts within each employee -and it reflects upon the entire team. In this article, we’re connecting the dots between individual and corporate health by demonstrating how a fitness plan can accelerate the performance of your employees and the workplace while saving you both money.

Drive national and global health forward

I know you’ve heard it before; 150 minutes of exercise is the recommended guideline from the American Heart Association. On top of this, muscle-strengthening activities twice per week should be included. The problem here, though, is that only a quarter of American adults meet the guidelines for both physical activity and muscle-strengthening activities.

WHO has taken a strong stand to tackle these problems and has set an ambitious target of reducing insufficient physical activity.

Corporate workplaces have a lot of power, and with that, can become a leading role in this responsibility. Drive national and global health forward and be part of a positive change by leading your workplace to healthier altitudes.

Build a generation of loyal employees

The market is competitive, and for a lot of people seeking a new job these days, being offered fitness solutions at the workplace is an attractive perk. Live up to and exceed their expectations of wellness programs so you can hire and retain the best candidates.

Letting your people know that you care about their well-being, both in and out of the office, generates a happier workplace, and a generation of loyal employees.

Accelerate work performance

Let’s connect some dots here, shall we?

People with a physically active lifestyle have an elevated performance level, both in life and in business, a correlation that's been tested and published many times over, such as with Their results also show that obesity can be related to more difficulty getting along with coworkers and a higher number of work loss days.

Moreover, physical activity improves sleep and overall mood, two things that both reduce stress and anxiety, as well as enhance memory.

Apply physical activity benefits to your workplace and we're looking at a stronger team spirit among co-workers, and healthy and goal-oriented people with increased productivity across the board.

Lower healthcare costs

This one goes out to all you HR peeps!

Healthy employees cost less than unhealthy employees. According to the CDC researchers found that sedentary adults spend on average $1,313 more on healthcare every year than active adults.

On top of this, the impact of health coaching and one-on-one guidance translates into even bigger improvements in overall health status, according to Harvard Business Review.

In conclusion, the quality of corporate fitness programs matters. More personalized and guided programs create better outcomes than passive ones.

Take your workplace to the next level

Implementing a corporate fitness plan is important for many reasons. Not only will your company be part of a positive change and encourage a healthier lifestyle, but also accelerate productivity to gain an advantage in a competitive market -all while making HR happy and saving dollars on health expenses.

Guided, correct, and safe exercise programs are a privilege everyone should have access to. Implementing a team like Fitnessa, who hand-delivers fitness solutions to your workplace, can help employees fill the gap that otherwise makes fitness feel so far away.

Bringing fitness solutions to busy professionals is what we, at Fitnessa, do best.

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