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Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Pre- and postnatal fitness

While the pre- and postnatal period come with so much joy and love, it can also bring some new and unfamiliar challenges. 

As a certified pre- and postnatal fitness coach I have knowledge to predict and identify some of the challenges surrounding fitness, and will navigate the unpredictable ones in a close collaboration with you, mama!

From pre-conception health, through pregnancy, and onto recovery in the postnatal period, I am here to provide tools for both body and mind so you can stay calm, conneted, and focused on the joy of becoming and being a mom.


The pre-conception period is an incredible opportunity to improve your habits to ensure the best and healthiest pregnancy and baby. 

More important than what you do during pregnancy is actually what you do before you get pregnant. 


Training during pregnancy can be a challenge, especielly if you're not sure what to expect as you move through the trimesters. 

I coach women with specific approaches to each trimester, and to fit your personal goals and needs - which may vary from day to day.


This is typically a time where women want to jump right into high intense workouts to get their bodies back.


I'm here to ensure that we do it right, by rebuilding the foundation and while giving the body enough time and space to recover. 

Maternity Yoga Private Class
Seated Side Bend

How It Works

From Consultation to Results

Free Consultation - I love to hear about your fitness goals and plans during pregnancy and postpartum. This phone consultation is 5-15 minutes and completely free.

Initial Meeting - This is an in-person meeting where we deep-dive into your goals and challenges, and make a personalized plan to reach your desired goals.

Let's Get To Work - I recommend we meet 1-4 times per week. All sessions are in-person and around 50 minutes long. Exceptions for virtual sessions can always be accommodated.


I offer packages of 8, 12, and 24 sessions. 

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